Our History of Successful Service & Support:

The success of the Maxell brand is a result of significant investments in research and development, manufacturing and customer service. Here is a review of some of the milestones that have helped to build the Maxell brand.

At Maxell, our top priority is delivering the finest quality Products available in consumer and professional audio and video tapes, computer media, batteries and accessories. To achieve this goal, we've spent the last 30 years focusing all our research and development strengths on creating a long list of innovative solutions for our customers. Today, consumers and professionals all over the world reach for the Maxell name when they want a high quality product they can trust.

At Maxell, we're currently involved in a broad spectrum of advanced technologies that have translated to numerous manufacturing breakthroughs, many of which we've pioneered ourselves. Please visit our Products Pages for more information.

Maxell Canada was established in Canada in September 1992. Since this time, we've made some major inroads in product distribution. Please visit our Dealers Page for a list of some of our business partners, where Maxell Products can be purchased.

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