Maxell announces Professional Disc for XDCAM system ideal for high density recording and high definition imaging

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Blue-violet laser technology offers high capacity storage and faster transfer rates

Maxell Canada introduces the new Maxell Professional Disc PD-50DL, featuring high volume capacity and the ability to store superior picture quality formats. Developed for use with the Sony
XDCAM and professional broadcasting optical disc systems, the Maxell Professional
Disc PD-50DL can achieve high data transfer rates and a long recording time.

Powered by a blue-violet laser, the new Maxell Professional Disc PD-50DL features a dual-layer structure with a storage capacity of up to 50GB – significantly higher than that of a single-layer recording structure. The uniform thickness of the recording area combined with a wider power margin for recording and rewriting durability, enables broadcasters to count on Maxell’s PD-50DL for high density recording.

Maxell’s Professional Disc PD-50DL’s advancements allow for low error rates even after 1,000 recording uses. The precise spin-coating and durable hard-coat technology utilized during the manufacturing process creates a static electricity discharge effect protecting the disc from dust and surface scratches – a feature crucial for professional grade use.

“We have seen an increased demand for optical discs in professional broadcasting applications, especially with recording and storing high definition content,” said Pat Byrne, senior marketing manager for Maxell. Maxell’s new PD-50DL disc is highly reliable in recording, retrieving, transferring, editing and saving high definition content over long periods of time and is well-suited to match the needs of professional broadcasters.

Maxell’s new Professional Disc PD-50DL is fully compatible with a MPEG HD422 recorder, offering outstanding picture and sound quality, and is capable of recording approximately 95 minutes of high definition content with a sampling rate of 4:2:2 and a recording bit rate of 50Mbps.

Maxell Canada, a technology and marketing leader, is a full line manufacturer of digital media products for consumer, professional and data storage markets. The company offers a full line of electronics care and maintenance products along with storage products and a well-known brand of headphones, POD/MP3 peripherals and speakers. Maxell has been recognized for over forty years for delivering a comprehensive line of digital tape and disc-based recording media products for consumer audio, video, camcorder and data storage applications.

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