Maxell Announces New LTO Cartridge Memory Analyzer to Help Determine the Dependability of Data Storage Cartridges

Maxell's LTO Cartridge Memory Analyzer Reveals Cartridge and Tape Drive Condition, so Businesses Can Store Critical Data with Confidence

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Maxell -- the technology leader in data storage and backup tape, announces a revolutionary product for all businesses backing up their company's most vital information onto storage media, such as a cartridge or tape. The Maxell LTO Cartridge Memory (CM) Analyzer can tell whether or not a company's data storage cartridge is in good enough condition to trust in saving important records. This innovative technology analyzes the quality of data storage cartridges by reading information stored on the memory chip and determining whether the cartridge is still intact or has deteriorated.

While most businesses recognize the importance of backing up their data, many don't realize that part of this process involves ensuring that the storage device being used is actually doing its job. It is nearly impossible to judge the cartridge quality from the outside appearance, which leads many companies to unknowingly gamble with their data. The Maxell LTO CM Analyzer provides that access into a cartridge's record in a clear and easy to understand format to help in determining a usable cartridge from a failing one.

As part of being able to store critical data with confidence, the CM Analyzer allows a business to create its own parameters for cartridge quality using a single score number that is automatically and consistently calculated from all available data. Maxell Score is a Tape Evaluation Score ranging from 0 (very bad) to 100 (very good). Within seconds, it is apparent if a used cartridge meets the standards set by the user.

The Maxell brand is known for quality, reliability and innovation. As the first in the world to develop and market Super DLTtapeŽ I, LTO Ultrium 1, LTO Ultrium 2, Super DLTtapeŽ II, LTO Ultrium 3, DLTtapeŽ S4, LTO Ultrium 4 data cartridges, and now the LTO Cartridge Memory Analyzer, Maxell continues to be widely recognized as a major provider within the data storage industry, remaining at the forefront of the data recording business.

How it Works

The cartridge is placed on top of the Maxell CM reader and after being connected through a USB port to any recent Windows operating system, the display immediately shows all relevant information with regards to the value of the storage device (e.g. percentage of records in error, number of cartridge loads, age of cartridge, and details of the last four times the cartridge was used and in what drive(s)).

Main Features of Maxell CM Reader

Save Cartridge History: Allows the user to quickly read and save the memory contents of many cartridges. This feature is also able to recognize all previously scanned cartridges. It will automatically find and append the previously saved file, allowing one to easily build a complete performance record for each cartridge.

Open: Opens and displays previously saved files. This feature can also perform a statistical analysis on multiple files, displaying statistical data including maximum, minimum, average, and standard deviation from the selected files. Unacceptable cartridges will always be immediately shown.

Usage History Screen: Scanning a cartridge periodically with the "Save Cartridge History" option enabled, creates a complete record of the cartridge. This is the best way to track cartridge performance and the time when it should be retired.

Summary Screen: This display gives users the most important information on the cartridge, allowing the results of several cartridges to be selected at a time. Values that are outside acceptable norms are highlighted in order of severity in yellow, orange, and red colors. Cartridges that do not meet the standards set by the user can immediately be identified and discarded.

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