Using the Video Recording Feature
(Create AVI file)

Step 1 

Press the camera's DSC On button. The camera will beep.

Step 2

Press the Mode button until you see the icon (below) appears.

Step 3

Press and hold the Shutter button, using optical finder to compose images.

Step 4

Release the Shutter button when you complete a video file.
Note: If the video is under 8 MB, you can record several Video files.

Step 5

Connect the WS30 SLIM to your computer via the USB cable
Note: Refer to the "Getting Connected" section on Page 20 of your User Guide for assistance.

Step 6

Click on Start from the Windows Task Bar.

Step 7

Click on Programs.

Step 8

Click on the Maxell WS30 SLIM program group.

Step 9

Click on the WS30 SLIM Digital Camera icon. Your photos will now appear.

Step 10

Click on the Video Clip icon.

The Video screen appears

Step 11 Select the AVI.
Step 12 Click on the Run icon.
Note: You can change the Frame rate.
Step 13 Type in the file name and click on Save.
Step 14 The video file is being created.

Step 15

Click on the button play.

Step 16

The AVI File is now complete, and you can email it to your friends and family.

Note: For more information on installing WS30 SLIM Driver, Mr. Photo, Image Folio, VideoWorks please refer to the User Guide.

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