Downloading Photos

Important Note: Please make sure that the display indicates numbers for example "10". If not, press the DSC ON button.

Step 1 

Connect the WS30 SLIM to your computer using the USB cable.

Note: Refer to the “Getting Connected” section on page 20 of your User Guide if you need assistance.

Step 2

Click on Start from the Windows Task Bar.

Step 3

Click on Programs.

Step 4

Click on Presto! Mr. Photo program group.

Step 5

Click on the Mr. Photo icon.

Step 6

Right-click on the camera icon located on the upper-left hand corner of the screen.

Step 7

Click on the Source drop down arrow and select MAXELL WS30 SLIM Digital Camera.

Note: You can specify the download folder for the photos by changing the path name.

Step 8

Click OK

Step 9

Click on the Camera icon. Your photos will now appear in the Thumbnail viewer.

The thumbnail viewer allows you to view photos that are stored in the WS30 SLIM’s memory. You are now ready to download your photos to your computer.

Step 10

To download all of the photos, click on the SelIectAll button.

Step 11

Click on the Transfer button.

Note: To download files in a non-consecutive order, just click on the desired photos, then click on the Transfer button.

Step 12

Click OK on the Transfer Done screen.

Step 13

Click on the Exit button when you have finished downloading your photos. You will now see all of your photos displayed in the Mr. Photo thumbnail viewer.



Note: For more information on installing WS30 SLIM Driver, Mr. Photo, Image Folio, VideoWorks please refer to the User Guide.

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